5 simple ways to help the environment

  1. plastic free
  2. Less driving
  3. water conscious life
  4. life To reach seasonal food
  5. eco-friendly clothing

From one place to another, to shop or to simply brush only the teeth, in order to prepare for bed, can have a huge impact on the environment.

In Napanion we believe, to bring sustainability in fashion. It's about the right products for the daily use select and to make mindful decisions, so our oceans and the air will be cleaner.

plastic free

live It can take between 15 and 1,000 years for a plastic bottle has reduced.


It doesn't matter how far you find from the sea to live away each of the plastic that you throw away, could make its way to the sea. Each year, more than 8 million tonnes of plastic reach our beautiful coast. The Cut plastic from your life is a simple way to have a great influence on our beaches and marine life to exercise. Made from nature, to help nature, has Napanion some of the daily Swaps to help you get started:

● they Exchange a plastic bottle for a reusable bamboo bottle.

● Replace a plastic straw against a bamboo straw

● replacement of the plastic dental floss against a natural corn silk

● plastic bowls for coconut shells exchange

● Replace a plastic toothbrush against a bamboo toothbrush.

● Replace plastic bags against reusable.

did you Know that almost all chewing gums are made of plastic? You may feel fresh, but is it right that you are chewing on plastic.


to reduce Less to

A good way to, your CO2 footprint and live sustainably, is to take each day more steps.
Leave the car keys at home and get active - walk or bike. With these options, you can not only enjoy nature, but also greenhouse gas emissions, traffic congestion and the demand for Oil to reduce.

If your Commute to work is too far to drive or walk to, then you can opt for public transportation or a carpool with a friend. It is also important to take care of your vehicle with regular maintenance and tire fillings - it could increase your fuel efficiency by 4% to 40%.

Be water aware


you might think that drinking water is from a bottle of cleaner and healthier? But tap water is actually better regulated than the bottle material. This depends on where you live around the globe, so if you're not sure, give it a quick search! Also the extraction and production of bottled water is harmful spaces for life and communities.

Help the nature by buying a bamboo water bottle!

With increasing population, the conservation of our precious water supply is important.

Some simple ways to ensure that they help are:

● Shorter showers.
● Fix leaky toilets.
● Select options for low water flow.
● Turn off the faucet while you brush your teeth.

Seasonal food


buying locally not only helps to support sustainable farmers, but also that you get fresher food. Instead of ordering your food online, or buy from large chain stores, look at what the local farmer's markets offer every week in your area. Imagine how much the ecological footprint decreases when you buy directly from farms, rather than somewhere 50 miles away!

The purchase of local and seasonal food reduces the consumption of fuel for Transport and reduces the burden on the environment. If you choose organic, you protect our water, our air and our Land. Will shells los, your plastic and your fresh food to enjoy and a shell of a coconut.




Fashion is responsible for 92 million tons of solid waste that are disposed of each year in landfills.

has to be stylish is always important, but at what price? So many new products on the shelves are made from synthetic materials such as Polyester, acrylic, Lycra, spandex and Nylon. It is really important to read the label carefully before you buy it. Some materials, after which you should search, are hemp, organic cotton, soy silk / cashmere, and linen. There are a lot of cool brands that take care of the materials they use.

Big brands such as Nike, H & M and Burberry are also observed. You have joined recently the Make Fashion Circular Initiative, whose goal is to increase the sustainability performance of the industry and to reduce waste around the world of fashion through the Recycling of raw materials and products. Also, make sure to donate your clothing, if you are in need of - Recycling helps!

remember that we plant for each Napanion product purchased a tree!


High Five

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