Eating from coconut bowls - not only trend but also sustainable


Eating from coconuts - why ? 

At Napanion we try to use natural resources to transform them into beautiful and useful everyday products. 

For our mission the upcycle of coconuts is ideal. 

The journey of coconuts - facts ? 

The demand for coconuts is growing and growing - this is partly due to the trend to replace normal milk with coconut milk. 

70M tons of coconuts are harvested each year - mainly from the regions of SriLanke, Vietnam Puerto Rico etc. where they are naturally found. 

However, 99% of the shells are thrown away and incinerated as waste - equivalent to billions of shells per year. The process of burning coconut shells contributes a significant amount of carbon dioxide and methane emissions that can harm people, animals and the environment.

Napanion Coconut bowls - what exactly is the process? 

We at Napanion work with local coconut farmers in Vietnam who harvest coconuts exclusively for the coconut milk industry.

1) Coconuts are harvested seasonally

2) After they are halved, the milk and the pulp are removed

3) Milk and fruit pulp is sold to the coconut industry

4) The shells which are actually burned are cleaned and prepared

5) The obtained switches are ground and engraved with our Napanion logo

6) We ship our trays via train to Switzerland, from where we send them all over the world

7) For every bowl sold, we plant a tree to compensate for the CO2 caused by shipping 

Supporting local communities

Through our Local Partnerships with family farms in Vietnam - we not only provide the farmers with an additional source of income, but also reduce local pollution on site (otherwise they would be burned locally). 

Natural joy

Furthermore, our Napanion bowls are free of any plastics, BPA and other harmful substances. 

Not only breakfast bowls are ideal for our Napanion bowls but also any kind of food - let your food ideas run free. 

Every dish not only looks better in a coconut bowl, but also tastes better ;) 

Marc & Josef






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