Time to move something

It is time for something to.
We all the environmental problems are aware of the fact that we, as a humanity are facing, we could quote a devastating and incomprehensible statistics about how much plastic pollution in our sea - forest - life.
The question is why little is done about this pollution of our world.
There are Alternatives to the use of more environmentally friendly products.
Whether it is the fashion industry, which relies heavily on cotton instead of hemp (hemp-T-Shirt would require 50% less water than the same cotton T-Shirt).
Or in body care products, the bamboo used instead of plastic (bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and uses little water to Grow).
We Napanion believe that the inaction of the people is precisely that - the incomprehensible statistics on the degree of pollution and its growing negative impact in the future.
people are going to think of difficult-to-exponentially - with an increased burden on our environment - not to grow the problems of the future is exponential - not linear. Once the pollution reaches a certain Plateau and a certain threshold - is exacerbated with the future destruction (similar to the moor's law in computer science - but, unfortunately in the Negative).
Since we have some difficulties to detect the positive / negative impacts of our consumer behaviour on the long term, we need to create incentives for sound environmental Action.
A few thoughts on this: count
  • Your actions - your consumption is a small drop on the hot stone, but the influence you have on the behaviour of your friends/family can have, is stunning (the classic stone in the sea - wave effect).
  • Audit of your area - most of the time we hear that it is too much work to sustain buy. But the fact is that 75% of all your purchases routine purchases. All that is needed is an Audit and the Review of the you buy brands: What do they actually do to help the environment - there are Alternatives? as soon as you find better Alternatives, try to hold on to these - ready-made!
  • The world is a good deal - remember, as you your friend's family helped, it did feel good to help others - to achieve realize the great feeling of being a positive impact and transfer it to the world in which you live.
  • Treat your purchases as conversations at the dining table: What is the story you would tell your friends/family on a dining table tell? What brand would you tell passionate ? find these stories and support these brands. To alleviate


Ok - just for your curiosity: Here are some terrible statistics about the state of our environment:
  1. are represent The 7.6 billion people in the world, according to the study, only 0.01% of all living things. However, since the dawn of civilization, mankind has lost 83% of all wild mammals, and half of the plants.
  2. by 2050, it is expected that there are in the ocean with more plastic than fish.
  3. According to a study by the University of Georgia, 18 billion pounds of plastic waste land each year in our oceans. To put that in the right light, it is enough garbage to cover every foot of coastline around the world with five full garbage bags of plastic.... every year is produced a mixture.
  4. Over 100,000 marine animals die each year to plastic entanglement and ingestion.
  5. to decompose The waste in the sea need a long, long time. Styrofoam takes 80 years, aluminum 200 years and plastic 400 years.
  6. There is enough plastic in the ocean, to circle the earth 400 Times.
to name just a few....
to do Anything against the pollution of our world, is our downfall.
In terms of sustainable products - the most sustainable product is the one that never gets produced and consumed, but we can all try to find days products for our world significantly better than others.
We're all in this together - let's together make a positive difference.

High Five

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