Why we started Napanion

"Take a look around - how much plastic do you see?"

Too much? We felt the same way!


Marc and Josef

grew up in Switzerland and Bavaria surrounded by mountains and nature. When traveling the world we noticed  a critical problem, our world is becoming a garbage mountain. We want to cherish our heritage and make a positive change by starting a movement:

"making sustainability fashionable"

Owning a product you are proud of – something you would show friends at a dinner table – or give to a friend as a present.

Your natural companion.

At Napanion we are committed to reducing the amount of plastic we consume, and we want to make it easy and fashionable to use less plastic.

Our mission is to find sustainable and biodegradable alternatives to everyday products we can't do without - like toothbrushes, bowls, and straws.

Our products are chosen for their high quality, sustainability, and design (being more stylish than their plastic counterparts).

At Napanion we try to keep things simple:

  For every product sold we plant one tree.


For every product sold we make donations to reforestation organisations, such as One Tree Planted or Eden Reforestation Projects to plant trees.

We believe in giving back to mother nature to sustain our living.

Trees are essential for a healthy balanced ecosystem as do not only provide a habitat for millions of creatures, but also transform atmospheric carbon dioxide into breathable oxygen on a massive scale.

Trees are a natural companion to life - as are our products.